To further our goals and to nurture worldwide relations, IAS partnered with prestigious research and academic organizations providing a platform for American-Hungarian cooperation.


Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research


IAS is a partner of the Center for Qualitative and Multi-Method Inquiry (CQMI), a leading institution in interdisciplinary, problem–driven approaches to social inquiry and in the application of research to practice. Its world-class training hub, the Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research offers two-weeks courses about the different and complementary strengths of disparate research techniques. Our Institution annually delegates a scholar to one of the convened courses. This year András Bartók, a teaching assistant in the International Relations and Diplomacy Department of the University of Public Service, represented us at a methodology course in June.


College of William & Mary


Our Institution is proud to represent Hungary in the Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) survey led by the College of William and Mary, a renowned institution ranking 10th best among the United States' state universities. The initiative undertakes a comprehensive inquiry in the field of international relations to establish the state-of-the-art of academic methods. To that end, the project focuses on the analysis of contemporary international relations theories and their translation into practice by scholars and students. During the last survey, 36 countries provided data samples. In the next survey, Hungary will participate the first time.


AmCham Hungary


IAS obtained membership to the AmCham Hungary in the summer of 2022. The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary is one of the most influential and trusted business organizations in the country, representing local and international business interests since 1989. Members of the organization have an opportunity to define, discuss, and resolve issues of common interest. Such a knowledge exchange, networking opportunity, and forum for innovation blends perfectly with the expansion of the University's footprint on the international stage.


Budapest Fellowship Program


In partnership with the Hungary Foundation and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium our Institution is providing mentors and personal tutoring for candidates of the Budapest Fellowship Program. The scholarship offers a fully-funded transatlantic visiting scholar opportunity for young American scholars and professionals. The goal of the 10-month program is to cultivate the next generation of American policy professionals and equip them with a thorough understanding of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Hungary.  The fellows will have an opportunity to conduct independent research on a topic of their own choosing, while gaining practical experience working at a Hungarian host institution that matches their professional interests. Last year our Institution welcomed Ryan Brockhaus who conducted research on the political and defense cooperation between Hungary and the United States under the auspieces of our director, Balázs Mártonffy. Recently Tate Sanders spent ten months with us and enjoyed the mentorship of Gábor Csizmazia. His research titled "Trump v. Biden and the Energy Strategy Clash in Central Europe" was published in the Central European Political Science Review (Vol. 22 No. 88.).