George C. Marshall Center Hungarian Alumni Event on NATO’s Deterrence

On 19th April 2023 the Institute for American Studies hosted the George C. Marshall Center Hungarian Alumni’s panel discussion on the changes and challenges of NATO’s deterrence. The „NATO Deterrence: Lessons and Challenges for Allies in 2023” online roundtable featured Prof. Ralf Roloff,  Deputy Dean for Resident Programs at the George C. Marshall Center´s College of International and Security Studies, Prof. em. Zoltán Szenes, Professor of the Department of International Security Studies, University of Public Service (UPS), and Tamás Csiki Varga, Research Fellow of the Center for Strategic and Defense Studies, UPS. 

The discussion moderated by Gábor Csizmazia, Research Fellow of the Institute for American Studies and Head of Hungarian Alumni of the German Marhall Center touched upon the main questions regarding NATO’s new force model, the German military modernization, and identified the Hungarian lessons learned about strenghtening the Alliance’s defense and deterrence.