Perspectives on the Munich Security Conference

Two of our colleagues, Gábor Csizmazia and Lilla Doucha shared their views respectively on the annual Munich Security Conference's topics and roundtables on pages of the printed and online Országút journal. This year wasn't the first instance that our Institute was represented at MSC as two years ago our director, Balázs Mártonffy received the prestigious John McCaine Dissertation Award at the conference. 

Gábor Csizmazia's article elaborated on the major developments of the MSC from global, transatlantic, and Eastern-European perspectives. The article highlights the efforts and challenges of the United States in preserving the international liberal order, the responsibility of the European strategic authonomy exchanging the security umbrella provided by Washington, and the return of the Eastern-Europe into the geopolitical play.

Lilla Doucha's piece focused on the mainstream narrative of the event, the Russia-Ukaine war. While all participants underlined the importance of making Russia loose the war, an element regarding Ukraine's faith has been largely missing from the conversation. This showcased that demonstrating a precedent with Russia is way more important for the West than the victory of Ukraine. The whole article can be accessed here.


Címkék: MSC